Community members of a village in El Páramo, Ecuador

The healthcare centre in La Y de la Laguna, Ecuador


We are an international non-governmental organization with 15 years of experience in development cooperation in Latin America and Africa.  

We are currently working on two projects, one in Ecuador and one in Ghana. The latter is led by our colleagues from Foundation Human Nature (FHN) England. Our board members in Germany and England are professionals in relevant areas such as health and development. They work with FHN on a voluntary basis. This way we ensure to keep administrative costs to an absolute minimum. FHN does not hold any political or religious affiliation.  

FHN is active in remote areas where we support sustainable development projects. Affordable, high-quality primary health care is our focus, as well as public health. Before FHN became active in the current project regions, the local population had no or very limited access to health care. We try to use renewable energy as much as possible. 

FHN provides technical, human resource and financial support – the project management, however, is always in the hands of our local partners. 

Thank you for visiting our website, and for your interest in FHN and its activities. 

Sincerely, Martin Eckhardt
Founder and President
(Medical Doctor specialized in General and Emergency Medicine, Master of Science (International Health), DTM&PH, cand. PhD)